Online Maths for Primary School children. We have over 500 sessions for kids from reception to Year 6. Each session has a lively video tutorial from our experienced teachers, followed by activities to consolidate your child’s learning and hint buttons to give extra help.

My child is doing exceptionally well in Maths since signing up to At Study Cloud. I was not sure that my child will be motivated enough to use At Study Cloud but my child loves the point system which gives her the opportunity to be rewarded by receiving certificates when completing certain topics. She makes me print the certificates off and she can’t wait for her next lesson.


As always, it is a pleasure using At Study Cloud! We’re very fortunate to have you guys on our side! Thanks again.


I did not think that At Study Cloud was for my daughter. However, I purchased it and now my child now enjoys Maths, her confidence and motivation has had a terrific boost.


At Study Cloud is a brilliant site. The videos have enhanced the learning of Maths concept for my child and the structure ensures that there are no gaps in knowledge. I would highly recommend signing up to At Study Cloud!


I had my reservations regarding At Study Cloud. However, At Study Cloud is fabulous! It has helped my child enjoy Maths and gain a deeper understanding of the subject, through the activities for each topic. The structured levels has made my child revise topics she has covered in school but overtime has progressed onto topics that she is still to cover. You will have no regrets for signing up with At Study Cloud!


At Study Cloud is convenient for me and my son. I have made a timetable when my son will log on and for how long. It is fantastic that my child can sign in at a time that suits us, and he does not need to leave the house. It is also a bonus that if he goes to his grans on the weekend he can log on there and carry on with his session where he left off from the previous session and also keep to the timetable we have made


My daughter was really behind in school. But, At Study Cloud is an excellent resource as it has been the means of her to excel in maths. The site is well structured and marks the work of my daughter automatically. With the structure, videos and hints there is very little I need to do except supervise her with my presence. A resource that I highly recommend!


How it works

It is simple!

Your child will watch a tutorials on a certain topic which is taught by our qualified teachers, have access to hint buttons if extra help is needed, and thereafter carry out questions on the related topic. Our system will mark your child’s work and if they meet the pass mark your child can move on to the next topic. We At Study Cloud believe that your child should have 3 sessions of 10 to 20 minute sessions each week. There are two ways you can use At Study Cloud…

Method 1 :

Your child can start at level 1 lesson 1 and work their way chronologically through all the lessons and level. This is the method we would recommend to ensure there are no gaps left in the knowledge of your child.

Method 2 :

Your child can do any level and any lesson (level 1 to 3 has free access) in whichever order that you suggest to them or they wish to do! This is recommended for those students whose strength and weaknesses are known and therefore a judgement by the parent/teacher can be made on the topics to cover.

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