At Study Cloud:The Primary School Maths Tutor

We suggest that you follow our structured system where your child starts at Level 1 and work their way through the lessons and levels in a chronological order at a pace which is right for them
However, your child can do ANY lesson in ANY level that you believe would be more suitable for them.


  • Your child will watch a video tutorial on a specific Maths topic from our experienced qualified teachers that covers the primary school curriculum.
  • The video tutorial will explain the Maths topic step by step.
  • The video tutorial can be paused or replayed anytime so your child can work at their own pace.



  • After watching a Maths tutorial video your child will reinforce their learning by answering questions online related to the topic.
  • Your child will need to be provided with a pen and a squared paper exercise book, as they will need to work out their maths calculations. They are NOT Allowed to use a calculator!
  • Extra support will be given to your child through the hint button which will break down the Maths topic.
  • Completed Maths activities will automatically be marked by the computer.
  • This process will build your child’s confidence to become a proficient mathmatician.



  • Progression will be made by your child working their way through our levels 1 to 5 which is related to the Primary School National Curriculum. This will ensure your child making progress in school.
  • Your child will be rewarded by gaining certificates through our special points system when completing the Maths activities.
  • Parental involvement is essential. Therefore, parents will need to log on for their children and should be nearby to supervise their child. Furthermore, parents get regular progress reports via regular messages so you know how your child is doing.

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