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Why did we start At Study Cloud?

My name is Asif. I have lived and worked in East London as a secondary school teacher all my life. My son had just come to the end of Year 2 in Primary school and he was attending a failing school so I decided to pull him out and transfer him to another local school. He started his new school and half way through the academic year I attended his parents’ evening.

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To my utter shock the teacher informed me that he was at the bottom of his class. I knew that he was struggling with maths but was not expecting to hear that he was at the bottom of the pile. Left distraught and angry because of this report and a substandard education in his first two years, I decided to use my skills as an experienced secondary school teacher to come up with a primary maths curriculum.

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For the next three years he worked through the maths curriculum supervised by me. At times my son would say “I already know this.” I would reply, “Don’t worry son, going over things you know is revision which will not hurt you.” I knew that in maths the foundation needed to be solid so it could be built on, and there could be no room for missing the basics. With the grace of the Lord, when my son reached year 6 he had reached the top end of his class in maths and when he started year 7 in secondary school he was placed in top set class for maths.
Now I want to share my success with others so just the way as a parent I felt extreme joy of his exceptional progress I wish the same for you too.
With the help of an experienced IT teacher Tham, we launched At Study Cloud! That is why the Skies the Limit as the Sky has No Limit… The end of the sky cannot be seen and your child will have No Limits with At Study Cloud.
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My child is doing exceptionally well in Maths since signing up to At Study Cloud. I was not sure that my child will be motivated enough to use At Study Cloud but my child loves the point system which gives her the opportunity to be rewarded by receiving certificates when completing certain topics. She makes me print the certificates off and she can’t wait for her next lesson.


As always, it is a pleasure using At Study Cloud! We’re very fortunate to have you guys on our side! Thanks again.


I did not think that At Study Cloud was for my daughter. However, I purchased it and now my child now enjoys Maths, her confidence and motivation has had a terrific boost.


At Study Cloud is a brilliant site. The videos have enhanced the learning of Maths concept for my child and the structure ensures that there are no gaps in knowledge. I would highly recommend signing up to At Study Cloud!


I had my reservations regarding At Study Cloud. However, At Study Cloud is fabulous! It has helped my child enjoy Maths and gain a deeper understanding of the subject, through the activities for each topic. The structured levels has made my child revise topics she has covered in school but overtime has progressed onto topics that she is still to cover. You will have no regrets for signing up with At Study Cloud!


At Study Cloud is convenient for me and my son. I have made a timetable when my son will log on and for how long. It is fantastic that my child can sign in at a time that suits us, and he does not need to leave the house. It is also a bonus that if he goes to his grans on the weekend he can log on there and carry on with his session where he left off from the previous session and also keep to the timetable we have made


My daughter was really behind in school. But, At Study Cloud is an excellent resource as it has been the means of her to excel in maths. The site is well structured and marks the work of my daughter automatically. With the structure, videos and hints there is very little I need to do except supervise her with my presence. A resource that I highly recommend!

Furthermore, security and safeguarding is an essence that we AT Study Cloud take seriously. Therefore, our site is secure and safe using SSL certified that is a 256 bit encryption giving you a peace of mind while using our site At Studycloud is protect by SiteLock (website security, protects you from hackers, spam, viruses, and scams, removes malware, and provides). Also, we are a registered company in the UK that is governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England.
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